Yo, listen up, I’ve got something to say
About legal requirements that can’t be looked away.
Whether you’re a network admin or a CFA,
You gotta know the law to avoid getting caught in the fray.

Let’s start with the network administrator certification requirements,
You gotta know what’s needed to avoid any retirements.
Do you know what’s in a ghostwriting contract?
Don’t sign on the dotted line without legal feedback and feedback.

If you’re pursuing a CFA certification,
Make sure you meet the requirements, no hesitation.
And if you’re offering a monthly subscription,
A legal agreement is key to avoid any legal disruption.

Don’t be fooled by what’s fake or a scam,
Know if express delivery is a real company in the big, wide web.
And if you’re in a Sky contract,
Be sure to read the details so you don’t fall into a trap.

If you’re receiving federal funds, here’s a clue,
2 CFR 200 subpart F audit requirements are what you should go through.
And if you’re dealing with contingent contracts,
Be sure to know what they entail to avoid any setbacks.

For businesses, cheques are part of the game,
But if one bounces, know the legal notice for cheque bounce format to avoid any blame.
And if you’re in South Africa and into crypto,
Know if Binance is legal and void of any legal limbo.